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Young/ Teens

We believe learning a new skill should be fun and our informative teaching techniques create interest to learn more while staying motivated.

Adult/ Senior People

Learn confidently in easy language at your own pace. We will teach you patiently to enhance your learning experience.

Pass Plus Certification

This course is aimed at newly qualified drivers, it helps to give drivers the confidence to drive on their own in almost all kind of roads and situations to gain more experience.

Refresher Lessons

For those who have not driven for a long time and feel a refresher course will give them a confidence boost to get behind the wheel once again.

Night Driving

Night driving is different from driving in the daylight, you will learn how to stay safe and visible to all other road users when driving in dark.

Re-test Preperation

Don’t be put off with failure we can boost up your confidence by preparing you properly to try again. Try us you will not be disappointed.

Competency Evaluation

How do you drive or how well you can drive, we will assess your skill and knowledge and can help you to learn further to become fully competent in your skill of driving.

Motorway Lessons

In this course, you will learn how to join/leave junction, change lanes, overtaking and understanding smart motorway signage.

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Whether you are an existing driver or a new driver who needs help preparing for road test we have package options that can help you.


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